Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 256GB Mint

Snaffle says…

Flip everything you know about smartphones with the newest member of the Galaxy Z series family. The Galaxy Z Flip5 is a full-sized smartphone that folds in half making it so compact it will slip into any pocket. With a larger external Cover Screen, you can snap a quick selfie or check daily phone updates on-the-go, without having to flip open your phone. You can even shoot hands free from all kinds of angles with Flex Mode. Built with tough glass and an IPX8 water resistant rating3 that is designed to protect against life’s little accidents. Plus, pick from a range of popping colours to suit your style. Get ready to flip your world.

Samsung says…

Enjoy compact with impact. Designed with durable, lightweight materials and a zero-gap hinge, Galaxy Z Flip5 is a full-screen smartphone experience that folds perfectly into your pocket or micro bag. Move through a busy day without missing a beat thanks to the impressive larger cover screen on Galaxy Z Flip5. Snap selfies, access apps and see your daily notifications, from the time to the latest news, all at your fingertips – no need to flip open the main screen. Style meets function when you make your Galaxy Z Flip5 your own by mixing and matching accessories with your unique cover screen and main screen displays. Accessorise by clipping it to your bag or belt loop and feel great about a phone that lets you express yourself.

The Best Bits

  • Look, no hands. Take your selfies, group shots and videos to the next level with Galaxy Z Flip5’s Flex Cam. Flip it open, sit it on a stable surface and adjust your angle for dynamic perspectives to make your perfect shot. 

  • It’s the ultimate flex. Galaxy Z Flip5 is designed to withstand life’s little accidents.
  • Built with extra strong, scratch-resistant glass, armour aluminium on the frame and hinge cover, plus an IPX8 water resistant rating that is designed to protect against spills or splashes.

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