Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 1TB Icy Blue

Snaffle says…

Galaxy Z Fold5 is Samsung's lightest Fold yet. Unfold your screen for an immersive 7.6 inch display that fits in the palm of your hands. From watching your favourite TV shows on-the-go or smooth gaming and scrolling with the super-fast display, experience your entertainment on a new level. Take brilliant pictures night and day with a powerful camera, and the epic 30 x Space Zoom means you can even capture the moon. Master the art of multitasking by taking video calls and jotting notes with the S-pen, no matter where you are. All these features are wrapped up in super-strong glass with an IPX8 water resistant rating for that added peace of mind. Unfold a whole new world of possibilities.

Samsung says…

Look forward to your morning work commute. Unfold the Galaxy Z Fold5’s huge 7.6 inch inner display and immerse yourself in your favourite show. Plus, enjoy smooth scrolling and gaming with the ultra-fast refresh rate and improved cooling capabilities on both the cover and main screen. It’s the phone that can always keep up with you. Getting through your to-do list is easy with Galaxy Z Fold5’s tablet-like sized screen. Work with multiple windows open at once, take a video call whilst comparing documents side-by-side or watch a presentation and take notes seamlessly with the S-pen. Do-more effortlessly. The Galaxy ZFold5 may be lightweight but it’s wrapped in extra-strong glass designed to withstand life’s ups and downs. A sleek Armour Aluminium frame and hinge cover is designed to protect your device’s interior without bulking it out. The extended immersion IPX8 rated water resistant protection gives you peace of mind around splashes.

The Best Bits

  • Save paper and take notes on your Galaxy Z Fold5 with the S Pen.

  • Its natural precision lets you write notes almost like pen to paper.
  • No need to stress about your handwriting. Convert your handwritten meeting notes to text with just a tap and share with your team.
  • A compact camera that packs a serious punch. Your Galaxy Z Fold5 will snap clear, bright photos any time of the day and night with the 50 Mega pixel camera.
  • With 3 x Optical Zoom lens you can take incredible snaps even from a distance.
  • Get ready for a camera so good, it can make everyone a pro.

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