Dare to dream in 2021

April 19, 2021

A New Year, a New You. 2021 brings a new chance to unravel the dream catcher and climb above the clouds.

What have you been wanting to do but that ‘right time’ has seemingly never arrived? 2021 is well and truly here and here to broaden our horizons, expand our perceptions of possibility and create space for the ‘right time’ to surface. Recent reflection while peeking out from the clouds surrounding the highest peak in Tasmania; brought to light two golden nuggets that I often lean into when embarking on a new year of adventures, opportunities and uncertainties.

#1: Just because something is not commonly done, it does not mean it cannot be done

Enticed by challenging stereotypes, perceptions and uncommon trains of thought; the other year my partner and I decided to enter an Ironman race, despite having never completed a triathlon before. The event was only 10 months away when we signed up and our family and friends thought this was an outrageous undertaking. Preparation for such an event is normally much longer, but our nomadic seasonal lifestyle worked around a 6month–1year timeframe, so who knew what would be happening next year!? To everyone’s surprise, including our own, we successfully crossed the finish line within the time limit, regardless of the additional challenges that arose on race day - a heatwave of 50 degrees Celsius (making it the hottest Ironman race on record), refuelling stations emptied on the cycling leg and a freak truck crash released millions of bees onto the racecourse! What are the chances? Defying the odds had pushed our physical and mental limits beyond previously known levels which created new horizons and thresholds from which to live within.

#2: Think of HOW TO make it happen rather than WHY IT CANNOT

“I do not have time. I am not fit enough. What about the dog. Maybe next year. But it’s raining!” Sound familiar right? These can be our auto pilot responses which are designed to keep us safe, comfortable and fearful of the unknown. They are certainly practical things to consider, however when they prevent us from living fully and embracing amazing opportunities, we know we are out of equilibrium. Having a plan of ‘how to’ make something possible rather than ‘why it is not’ gives us a promising and more balanced place to start from. Knowing the first step is always the hardest, begin with the intention to simply try, seek guidance from a knowledgeable source and then make a proactive action plan. Oh, and most importantly find a means of holding yourself accountable! Entering the Ironman, we set an intention to simply finish the race within the time limit – given 17hrs to complete 4km swim, 180km bike ride, and 42km run already seemed like a superhuman feat. We found a training program to follow; giving advice on distances to cover per day, activity specific gear needed, as well as nutrition guidelines to fuel our bodies for optimum performance. Adhering to the training program was an almighty effort but being accountable to each other as we worked towards a common goal helped keep the dream alive. It was an intense commitment, nevertheless our ‘how to’ mindset certainly helped overcome the waves of doubt that naturally arose en route.

Dream big, think expansively, climb above the clouds and walk a wilder path this year

Our differences are what make this world interesting, so embrace your own unique ideas, outlook and zest for life. Whatever your dream may be; personal, professional, social or otherwise – do not allow your own or anyone else’s doubt to cloud your vision or supress your enthusiasm. You are stronger and much more capable than you think you are… May 2021 be the year you dare to dream, climb above the clouds and unravel your hidden potential.

Hannah Hokarari is the social ambassador that heads up Snaffle Your Challenge, an initiative from Snaffle to challenge our customers and staff to push themselves to the next level.

Read more about it here and stay tuned to the Snaffle blog for more of her fascinating adventures.

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