CHiQ 40 Inch LED Full HD TV

Snaffle says…

Beyond its technological prowess, the CHiQ 40-inch Full HD TV effortlessly integrates into your space with its simple minimalist design. Whether mounted on the wall or elegantly placed on the stand, this sleek and stylish TV becomes the perfect addition to your rumpus room, movie haven, or lounge. Its versatility in design and exceptional features make it a standout choice, offering a perfect blend of form and function for a truly enhanced viewing experience.

CHiQ says…

Indulge in an ultra-immersive entertainment experience with the CHiQ 40-inch Full HD TV, designed to elevate every viewing moment. Whether you're engrossed in a breathtaking nature documentary, catching a live game, or enjoying a vibrant animated film with the family, this TV enhances your entertainment with its Full HD resolution and direct-lit LEDs, ensuring finer details and lifelike images. The USB Personal Video Recording (PVR) feature adds a touch of convenience, allowing you to record and never miss an episode of your favourite TV show again. The integration of Dolby Digital Plus technology elevates the audio quality, delivering optimal enjoyment and an immersive sound experience that complements the stunning visuals.

The Best Bits

  • Dolby Digital Plus technology: Elevate your audio experience with Dolby Digital Plus. This advanced technology enriches the telepresence and stereo feeling, delivering vibrant surround sound for an immersive auditory feast during your favourite programs.

  • ECO PLUS - Energy Saving Technology: Optimize power efficiency and extend panel life with ECO PLUS. This energy-saving tech ensures a greener viewing experience, reducing energy bills while maintaining top-notch performance for a smarter, eco-friendly approach.

  • USB Recording: Never miss a moment with USB Recording. Easily record live TV to your USB device, giving you the flexibility to enjoy your favourite shows at your own pace.

  • Narrow Bezel - Stylish Design: Transform your space with the sleek Narrow Bezel design. This stylish feature minimizes screen borders, creating a modern and sophisticated look that seamlessly blends into any décor, enhancing your visual experience without distractions.

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