LG 65 Inch QNED75 4K UHD Smart LED TV

Snaffle says…

Immerse yourself in a new era of entertainment with the LG QNED75 4K Smart NanoCell TV, where cutting-edge technology and stunning visuals redefine your viewing experience. Experience the brilliance of Quantum Dot technology seamlessly merging with NanoCell technology, presenting an astonishing spectrum of real colours that burst to life on your screen. With features like Dimming Pro and Ultra Contrast LED TV, contrast is enhanced for natural-looking images, transforming your favourite shows and movies into captivating visual spectacles filled with vivid colours and lifelike details.

LG says…

Elevate your viewing with the a5 AI Processor 4K Gen6, enhancing both picture and sound quality for vibrant and immersive frames and notes. AI Brightness Control automatically adjusts your screen's brightness to match ambient lighting levels, ensuring optimal visibility in any environment, while AI Sound Pro virtually mixes TV sound to create the effect of surround speakers, delivering crystal-clear and balanced sound. Maximize your smart TV experience with ThinQ AI and webOS, providing personalized alerts, recommendations, and an All New Home feature for fast and seamless browsing. Dive into the ultimate cinema experience with breathtaking visuals and immersive sound rivalling traditional theatres, all from the comfort of your home. Unlock gaming greatness with the LG QNED75, offering powerful gameplay, fast performance, and easy access to gaming settings with Game Optimizer and Gaming Dashboard. With cloud gaming through GeForce NOW, expand your gaming horizons and embrace the future of television entertainment with the LG QNED75 4K Smart NanoCell TV.

The Best Bits

  • Dimming Pro: Elevate your visual experience with Dimming Pro. This feature enhances contrast, delivering more natural-looking images that captivate your senses. Utilizing powerful deep-learning algorithms, Dimming Pro optimizes the contrast ratio and brightness, ensuring every scene is rich in detail and depth for a truly immersive viewing experience.

  • α5 AI Processor 4K Gen6: Elevate your viewing journey with the α5 AI Processor 4K Gen6. Experience a realm of unparalleled picture and sound enhancement as this advanced processor unlocks the full potential of your entertainment. From vibrant visuals to immersive audio, the α5 AI Processor 4K Gen6 delivers a captivating cinematic experience that transports you to the heart of every scene.

  • AI Brightness Control: Adapt to any environment seamlessly with AI Brightness Control. This intelligent feature automatically adjusts your screen's brightness to harmonize with surrounding ambient lighting conditions, ensuring optimal viewing clarity in virtually any setting. From dimly lit rooms to bright daylight, AI Brightness Control ensures your viewing experience remains immersive and comfortable at all times.

  • AI Sound Pro: Immerse yourself in breathtaking soundscapes with AI Sound Pro. This cutting-edge technology takes your auditory journey to new heights by virtually expanding TV sound to simulate the effect of surround speakers. With remastered clarity and balanced control, AI Sound Pro delivers an unparalleled audio experience that envelops you in every moment, ensuring every sound detail is heard with precision and depth.

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