Beurer CosyNordic Heated Overblanket Charcoal

Snaffle says…

Wrap yourself in luxury and comfort with the amazingly soft and lint-free Beurer Super Cosy Heated Throw. With 6 illuminated temperature settings and fast heating action, it doubles as a cost-effective solution to staying snuggly and warm throughout the year.

Beurer says…

Introducing the Beurer CosyNordic Heated Overblanket Charcoal, a luxurious and snuggly addition to your home. Made with a soft and fuzz-free upper material, this overblanket provides the perfect level of coziness. With 6 temperature settings, you can easily adjust the warmth to your preference.

The Best Bits

  • X-Large size - 180 x 130 cm in a soft Nordic charcoal grey colour

  • Luxurious upper material – soft, snuggly, perfectly cosy and fuzz-free fabric
  • 6 temperature settings
  • Machine washable up to 30°C

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