Weber Baby Q Titanium LPG

Snaffle says…

The compact and portable Weber Baby Q is the ultimate go-anywhere BBQ! Small enough to carry to the campsite while big enough to feed the whole family, the Weber Baby Q has all the features and benefits of the larger models without compromising on quality.

Featuring an array of add-on accessories to bring the Baby Q to life and step up your grilling game, the Weber Baby Q is the ultimate addition to your Summer vacation! Gone are the days of waiting for the park BBQ to be free, the Weber Baby Q weighs in at just over 10kg, meaning you truly can take it anywhere!

Weber says…

It’s not until you see a Baby Q (Q1000) roasting a whole chicken dinner outside a caravan that you know why the ‘baby’ Q is really the ideal travelling and camping barbecue. At home, out in the bush or down at the beach, the Baby Q gives you total flexibility.

The Best Bits

  • Portable – compact enough to take it with you 

  • Built to last - cast aluminium lid and body, stainless steel burners and rust resistant cast iron cooking grills 
  • Plenty of room to grow - add hot plates, roasting trivets, pizza trays, veggie baskets, and more (purchased separately)

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