Weber Family Q3100N+ LP Black

Snaffle says…

The Weber Family Q3100N+ LP Black is the ultimate backyard cooking powerhouse, designed to make every meal a memorable experience. With its generous cooking area, this grill is your go-to companion for crafting mouthwatering family dinners, night after night.

Weber says…

Equipped with a versatile + burner, the Weber Family Q+ empowers you to explore a wide range of cooking techniques. Whether you prefer slow and low cooking or searing at high heat, this barbecue can do it all. It's like having a professional kitchen in your own backyard. With its sleek and functional fixed premium cart, it becomes the centrepiece of your backyard. Its large cooking area can grill up to 15 burgers at once, making it perfect for hosting gatherings. The high-domed lid allows for ample roasting capacity, and the user-friendly front-facing control dials ensure effortless adjustments.

The Best Bits

  • Sleek and functional cart included.

  • Large cooking area can grill up to 15 burgers at one time.
  • High domed lid for large roasting capacity.
  • Front-facing control dials make adjusting barbecue settings simple.

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