Rinnai 7.0kW Split System Air Conditioner

Snaffle says…

This Rinnai T Series Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioning System will help you through the hot summer and the cold winter months. Its sleek and contoured design will complement every interior and its robust yet compact outdoor unit minimises the impact on your home’s outdoor environment.

Rinnai says…

Among its features are Wi-Fi control via the Rinnai app, quiet operation, easy installation, a timer and a self cleaning function. It comes equipped with demand response capability (DRED) to help reduce overall power consumption at critical peak load times (**Subject to availability from your energy provider).

The Best Bits

  • Connect your air conditioner to your compatible smartphone and set your favourite temperature from anywhere, at anytime.

  • The intelligent sleep mode operates on a two-way temperature control that modulates up and down to mimic outside ambient temperatures, ensuring a comfortable sleep. Also designed to keep noise levels to a minimum.
  • Designed for durability, the Fresh Function runs a three minute cycle every time the unit is turned off, removing any excess moisture from the indoor unit. This extends the lifespan of the air conditioner, and maximises functionality and hygiene.
  • Cool down or warm up within a short period of time thanks to this reverse cycle air conditioner's Boost/Turbo Mode.

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