Mini Barista Espresso Coffee Machine Black

Snaffle says…

The Sunbeam Mini Barista espresso machine is an ideal unit for those who are just getting started with their barista endeavours. Thanks to thermoblock heating technology, the machine heats up quickly and only uses the amount of water required for your shot. You have the choice of pulling a single or double shot, and you know you’re getting the perfect dose thanks to Auto Shot Volumetric Control. The 15-bar pump, in combination with the extra-wide 58mm commercial-inspired group head, will allow you to extract the maximum vitality from each shot. A powerful steam wand will provide the pressure you need for all sorts of impressive latte art designs.

Sunbeam says…

If you’re over instant coffee and are looking to make the transition to espresso, the Sunbeam Mini Barista is here to answer your call.

The Best Bits

  • Coffee machines built with a thermoblock are designed for only heating the water required for making your coffee, whereas boiler models heat an entire reservoir of water. Thermoblock machines are also known for their quick startup time and, let’s face it, a coffee craving can bring out impatience in the best of us.

  • Inspired by commercial espresso machines, this unit comes with a 58mm group head. This extra width allows your grounds to spread more evenly inside the filter basket for more comprehensive extraction.
  • The manual milk frother will allow you to achieve the perfect microfoam, and you can submerge the wand for longer to get a hotter coffee. Invite your friends around and show off your finest latte art (with a quality coffee underneath, of course).
  • ith the choice of pouring a single or double shot, you can cater to every degree of caffeine craving. Make your selection with the intuitive control dial, and count on consistent dosage with every cup.

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