Magenta Plus Automatic Coffee Machine

Snaffle says…

Inspired by the dynamic spirit of Milan, this Gaggia Magenta Milk automatic coffee machine blends traditional roots with contemporary design. Effortlessly enjoy barista-quality coffee with the simple interface and intuitive usability.

Select from five beverage options, available at the touch of a button, including espresso, americano, and espresso lungo, and start your day off with a flavoursome, full-bodied cup. Thanks to the professional steam wand, you can also recreate your favourite milk-coffee beverages by developing your own milk froth. The ceramic grinds ensure your coffee beans retain the most of their purity for the best quality cup with maximum aroma. Additionally, if you prefer, there’s also a ground coffee option. For complete customisation, the Optiaroma feature lets you adjust the quantity of ground coffee per cup, which allows you to adjust your coffee’s aroma intensity to suit your taste.

Gaggia says…

Designed and built with Italian excellence, Gaggia promises premium quality and a passion for coffee that comes through in their products, and in your cup.

The Best Bits

  • Elegant and easy to use, the wide full-colour display offers capacitive buttons for quick control and command over your machine. With the step-by-step guides, preparing beverages and performing cleaning procedures is a simple experience.

  • This versatile automatic coffee machine can create up to five different coffee beverages at the touch of a button, from espresso, to lungo, to americano. Craft coffee the way you want it with the same quality as your local barista.
  • Don’t wait around in the mornings, kick-start your day with a coffee made fast. The unit’s quick heat boiler ensures beverages are hot from the get-go. This is achieved thanks to the light aluminium and stainless steel body, capable of heating up very quickly.
  • Gaggia’s stainless steel steam wand reproduces the professional results of your local cafe. Luxurious milk froth for lattes, cappuccinos, and more. The shape of the wand can be used with different kinds of milk jugs and also dispenses hot water for teas and infusions.

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