Beko 90cm Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

Snaffle says…

Discover the art of culinary mastery without leaving your home with the Beko 90cm Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop. Crafted to elevate your cooking experience, this sleek appliance combines modern design with unparalleled functionality. Engineered for efficiency, it boasts electronic ignitions and high-efficiency gas burners that empower you to effortlessly regulate heat levels for precise cooking results. Featuring five burners, including a powerful wok burner strategically positioned at the centre, this cooktop caters to a variety of cooking needs with ease.

Beko says…

Beyond its performance, the Beko Gas Cooktop exemplifies durability and elegance with its stainless steel finish. Not only does it enhance your kitchen's aesthetic appeal, but it also simplifies maintenance, ensuring a pristine cooking surface with minimal effort. Whether you're simmering sauces or searing steaks, this appliance promises reliability and innovation, making it an indispensable companion for culinary enthusiasts and home chefs alike. Embrace the future of home cooking with the Beko Gas Cooktop and transform your kitchen into a haven of culinary creativity.

The Best Bits

  • Wok Burner: Experience the thrill of perfect stir-fries with our dedicated wok burner, designed to accommodate your wok pans effortlessly, ensuring optimal heat distribution for delicious results every time.

  • High-efficiency gas burners: Designed to enhance your cooking efficiency, Beko’s high-efficiency gas burners distribute heat quickly and evenly across your cookware. They are up to 25% more efficient than standard burners, reducing energy consumption and cutting down on cooking times, so you can enjoy meals faster with less energy.

  • Automatic gas cut-off: Safety meets convenience with our automatic gas cut-off feature, which detects extinguished burner flames caused by over-boiling or sudden drafts, promptly shutting off the gas supply to prevent leaks and ensure peace of mind in your kitchen.

  • Cast-iron pan supports: Built for stability and durability, our cast-iron pan supports provide robust balance for your pots and pans. Easily removable for cleaning, they offer hassle-free maintenance and reliable support for all your cooking adventures.

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