Westinghouse 60cm 4 Zone Induction Cooktop with Bridge Zone and Hob2Hood

Snaffle says…

Transform your kitchen into a culinary haven with the Westinghouse 60cm four Zone Induction Cooktop, a cutting-edge addition that redefines cooking efficiency. Boasting four spacious induction zones, including the innovative BoilProtect technology, this cooktop guarantees flawless cooking results with every dish. Experience seamless integration with Hob2Hood technology, where compatible rangehoods automatically adjust to eliminate cooking odours and steam, offering unparalleled hands-free convenience as you cook.

Westinghouse says…

With PowerBoost, achieve rapid boiling or quick heating for your cooking needs, ensuring minimal wait times and maximum efficiency. Say goodbye to overcooked meals with the timed cooking feature, which automatically turns off heat once your pre-set cooking time is reached, ensuring precision and perfection in every meal. Elevate your cooking experience with the Westinghouse 60cm Induction Cooktop, where innovation meets functionality to empower you in the kitchen like never before.

The Best Bits

  • BoilProtect Technology: With BoilProtect, your cooktop detects rising bubbles and adjusts to a lower simmer automatically, freeing you from constant monitoring. Perfect for stainless steel and enamelled pots filled with water, it lets you focus on enhancing flavours without worrying about boiling over.

  • Bridge Zone Flexibility: The Bridge Zone on this cooktop accommodates large pots and pans effortlessly. Use two induction zones separately or link them together for extra space when cooking for a group, providing flexibility and convenience in busy kitchens.

  • Hob2Hood Technology: Experience a smarter kitchen with Hob2Hood technology, which syncs wirelessly with compatible rangehoods. The rangehood activates when you start cooking, adjusting fan speed and airflow as needed to keep your kitchen fresh and comfortable while you cook.

  • PowerBoost Feature: Rapidly heat up pots and pans with the PowerBoost feature, reducing waiting time and enabling quicker meal preparation. Spend less time waiting and more time enjoying your culinary creations with this efficient cooking tool.

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