Beko Freestanding Dishwasher 14 Place Stainless Steel

Snaffle says…

The Beko Freestanding Dishwasher is a powerful and efficient appliance designed to make your dishwashing experience effortless. With its 14 place setting capacity, this dishwasher offers ample room to accommodate your entire family’s load of dishes in one go. Thanks to the sliding cutlery basket, you can maximise the dishwasher’s big capacity by creating extra space for larger items. No more struggling to fit in those bulky pots and pans, as the sliding cutlery basket moves freely to the right and left - providing you with the flexibility you need.

Beko says…

For those times when you’ve cooked up a storm, the Intensive70 wash setting comes to the rescue. By washing at a higher temperature of 70°c, heavily soiled pots, pans and dishes are effectively cleaned, ensuring a thorough and hygienic wash every time. Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to fit large dishes or long-stem glasses into the dishwasher. With the three position Acrobat System, you can easily adjust the height of the upper rack to three different positions, allowing you to create more space on the lower rack for your larger items. The Sliding Detergent Dispenser of this dishwasher features an easy-to-open lid, eliminating the hassle of struggling with detergent compartments. Adding detergent is now a breeze, saving you time and effort.

The Best Bits

  • Steam/Extra Drying

  • Static drying system
  • Time delay of three, six or nine hours
  • Two spray levels
  • Overflow safety and water leakage indicator
  • Five programs: Intensive (70°c), Clean & Shine (65°c), Mini 30-minute (35°c), Eco (45°c) and Quick & Shine (60°c)
  • Auxiliary functions: Hygiene Intense, Steam Gloss and Half Load
  • Three height loaded adjustable upper rack
  • Two height adjustable mug shelves
  • Four folding tines in lower basket
  • Sliding cutlery basket and knife accessory

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