Bosch Series 6 Freestanding Dishwasher White

Snaffle says…

Step into a new era of convenience and sophistication with the Bosch Series 6 Freestanding Dishwasher in radiant white, a game-changer in modern kitchen appliances. This sleek and stylish dishwasher not only ensures spotless dishes but also offers unparalleled connectivity through Bosch's innovative Home Connect app. Seamlessly control your dishwasher from anywhere, whether you're busy cooking up a storm or relaxing in another room, ensuring your dishes are sparkling clean and ready to use whenever you need them.

Bosch says…

Say goodbye to tough grime with the innovative Extra Clean Zone and enjoy the flexibility of adaptable Max Flex Pro baskets and customisable Rackmatic adjustments. With eight dynamic programs, including energy-saving Eco Wash and lightning-fast Express Wash, achieving pristine results is easier than ever. Plus, with the ExtraQuiet cycle, relish peace and tranquillity while your dishwasher handles the work, making chores effortless and even enjoyable. Embrace the future of dishwashing with the Bosch Series 6 Freestanding Dishwasher.

The Best Bits

  • Adjustable RackMatic baskets: Enjoy hassle-free loading and unloading with adjustable RackMatic top baskets, making it effortless to accommodate large items and organize your dishes effectively.

  • ExtraDry for perfectly dry dishes: Say goodbye to the inconvenience of wet dishes with the ExtraDry option, ensuring thorough drying by using higher temperatures and an extended drying phase, leaving your dishes perfectly dry and ready to use.

  • EcoSilence Drive for whisper-quiet operation: Experience peace and tranquility at home with the EcoSilence Drive, designed for silent operation without compromising performance, ensuring a calm environment for relaxation or entertaining.

  • HygienePlus for extra-clean results: Ensure peace of mind with the HygienePlus cycle, which eliminates harmful bacteria by increasing water temperature, providing an extra level of cleanliness for your dishes and utensils.

  • Flexible Max Flex-baskets: Optimise space and convenience with Max Flex-baskets, featuring stable and flexible design for easy organization and efficient loading of dishes.

  • Home Connect for remote control: Take control of your dishwasher from anywhere with Home Connect, offering convenience and peace of mind by allowing you to monitor and manage your appliance remotely via WiFi connectivity.

  • DosageAssist™ for optimal cleaning: Achieve sparkling clean dishes with DosageAssist™, ensuring optimal detergent tablet dissolution for superior cleaning performance with every wash cycle.

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