Bosch Serie 4 Built Under Dishwasher

Snaffle says…

Bosch's Serie 4 dishwasher offers top-tier features crafted for modern family life. From its ultra-quiet operation to its energy efficiency, it's the perfect solution for hectic households. With its Rackmatic feature, adjust the top basket effortlessly for extra space, while the SpeedPerfect option ensures quick washes without compromising cleanliness. The VarioFlex Baskets add to its flexibility, accommodating all your dishware with ease.

Bosch says…

Designed for full-family usage, Bosch Serie 4 dishwashers prioritise convenience and functionality. Its Wi-Fi connectivity allows for remote control, while the EcoSilence drive ensures silent operation, making it ideal for night washes. With Bosch, enjoy hassle-free dishwashing tailored to fit your busy lifestyle.

The Best Bits

  • Adjustable RackMatic baskets: Customise how you load your dishes with the RackMatic top basket, offering three height levels to fit larger items easily.

  • Flexible interior layout: Organize your dishes efficiently with VarioFlex baskets and VarioDrawer, making it simple to accommodate dishes of different sizes.

  • Quiet and energy-efficient EcoSilence Drive: Enjoy powerful yet silent performance with the EcoSilence Drive motor, ensuring energy-efficient operation without noise disruptions.

  • DosageAssist for better cleaning: Achieve superior cleaning results with DosageAssist, which evenly distributes detergent tablets for thorough cleaning without leaving residue.

  • Extra Dry Option: Ensure your dishes come out perfectly dry with the Extra Dry option, particularly useful for items that need additional drying.

  • Stay connected with Home Connect: Keep track of your dishwasher remotely with Home Connect, offering smart technology through WiFi connectivity for added control and convenience.

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