Esatto 7kg Vented Dryer

Snaffle says…

For added lifestyle convenience, the anti-crease mode ensures your clothes are closet-ready straight out of the dryer. If you do not wish to wall mount the dryer, you can of course simply place it on the ground next to your washing machine if you have the space, or if not, it can be stacked on top of a compatible front load washing machine.

Esatto says…

This vented dryer from Esatto suits small to medium sized families and households with a 7kg capacity and easy-to-use features. The electronic controls make it easy to select a setting that suits your laundry and the panel is reversible which adds a touch of convenience for those who wish to wall-mount their dryers.

The Best Bits

  • Less wrinkles for your convenience: The anti-crease mode, which adds a short amount of time at the end of your drying program to shake the clothes and reduce creasing, minimises the need for any ironing- that’s a must for all those work and school shirts!

  • Ideal for smaller laundry rooms: Compact in size, this dryer is perfect for smaller laundry rooms with little space. And thanks to the included wall mount kit and reversible control panel sticker, it can also be wall mounted, which is useful for conserving space if you also happen to own a top-loader washing machine.
  • Four drying programs: From cotton to synthetics, you can choose the ideal program to suit the fabrics in your load. Plus, you can opt for a standard or extra dry result, depending on your needs.
  • For added safety: Safety-wise, this Esatto model features a child lock to ensure inquisitive little fingers can’t turn on the appliance. There’s also a handy error alarm, safety thermostat and auto power off.

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