Westinghouse 200L chest freezer - white

Snaffle says…

Whether you like to buy food in bulk or meal prep for the week, this Westinghouse 200L Chest Freezer with a lightweight, spring-loaded lid, makes storage simple and easy. The simple white finish and recessed handle design means this Westinghouse freezer will easily fit into any space.

Westinghouse says…

The hovering door design makes it easy to load and unload your freezer. It allows you to open and leave the door at any angle between 30 and 60 degrees, so you don't need to hold up the freezer door while putting your items away. Equipped with the environmentally friendly R600A refrigerant, this chest freezer provides reliable cooling while being better for the planet. Your food is in good hands thanks to the power-off protection, which is designed to keep the internal temperature at 0 degrees for up to 135 hours after powering off.

The Best Bits

  • Removable baskets for flexible organisation: The basket inside can help keep the freezer neat and organised while making it easy for you to move things around or make more space for bulky items when needed.

  • Chest freezer for the modern home: The ultra-thin hinges on the chest freezer, allows you to place it right up against the wall. Plus, the recessed handle adds a modern touch while being easy to clean.
  • Simple mechanical controls: Simply turning the temperature knob, you can set the temperature of the cabinet as you need, making sure that all kinds of food will be kept in the right condition.
  • Quick Freeze function: The nifty Quick Freeze feature rapidly brings down the temperature to freeze food quickly once they're put away. This can help to retain the freshness, taste, and nutrition of your food.

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