Fisher & Paykel 487L ActiveSmart French Door Fridge Black Stainless Steel

Snaffle says…

Discover the Fisher & Paykel 487 litre French door fridge, boasting a sophisticated black stainless steel finish and sleek brushed metal handles that add a touch of elegance to any contemporary kitchen. It features an ultra slim water dispenser, providing filtered water without compromising valuable storage space. With humidity control, your groceries stay fresh longer, while adjustable shelving and a flexible layout accommodate items of all sizes. The fridge is equipped with anti-fingerprint coating and EZkleen surfaces for effortless maintenance, ensuring a pristine kitchen environment with minimal effort.

Fisher & Paykel says…

Ideal for modern homes, the Fisher & Paykel 487 litre French door fridge blends style with functionality. Its refined design seamlessly integrates into your decor while offering practical features such as convenient water dispensing, effective food preservation, and easy cleaning. Enjoy the combination of aesthetic appeal and user-friendly innovations that elevate your daily cooking experience, making it an essential addition to any kitchen seeking both sophistication and efficiency.

The Best Bits

  • ActiveSmart™ Foodcare: With ActiveSmart™ technology, this Fisher & Paykel refrigerator intelligently monitors and adjusts temperature, airflow, and humidity to match your usage, saving energy and keeping your food fresher for longer.

  • Internal Ice Maker: Always have fresh ice available in a dedicated freezer bin. Easily turn it off to free up space or boost ice production by up to 30% during busy times.

  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 24-month parts and labour warranty, ensuring reliable performance and support for your everyday appliance.

  • Slimline Water Dispenser: Effortlessly fill almost any jug or vessel with the slimline water dispenser, providing refreshing, filtered water without taking up valuable fridge storage space.

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