Schmick 108L Outdoor Beverage Centre

Snaffle says…

This beverage centre is designed for those who prefer their beer and soft drinks ice-cold to beat the heat for blistering summer days. You can set your preferred temperature with the easy-to-use touch control. You can keep your beverages super cold with a below zero setting. Set it on party mode when you are hosting guests, which sets the temperature at minus five degrees to keep drinks ready to serve even when the door is frequently opened.

Schmick says…

The turbo mode lets you quickly chill your beverages for when you are short on time. The heated glass door prevents condensation so you can easily keep an eye on your stock levels. The Schmick 108L Outdoor Beverage Centre is the ideal appliance for enthusiastic entertainers and for those who like to quench their thirst with a refreshing beverage.

The Best Bits

  • Black body and black glass door with modern design

  • 108 Lire and fits 108 x cans really easily
  • Heated Glass Door Stops Condensation, great for area's with hard wood floors or tiles
  • Ambient temperature operation great in up to 43oC
  • 3 x Shelves: Special 2 x piece shelving, total size 463 mmW x 340 mmD
  • 5 x Height Adjustments: 210, 250, 365, 475 and 520mm H
  • Inner fan for great air circulation, unique Inner design To distribute air evenly. Turns OFF when door opens keeping cold in.
  • White led light switchable ON/OFF from front touch panel
  • Special TURBO mode button, chills to minus 5 (-5oC) for 1Hr
  • Special PARTY mode button, chills to minus 5 (-5oC) for 6 Hrs

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