Haier 492L French Door Frost Free Fridge with Water Dispenser Stainless Steel

Snaffle says…

This Haier 492L French door fridge has been designed to meet the demands of everyday Australians. he stunning satina finish of the fridge is complemented by its sleek lines and modern design, making it look beautiful in any kitchen.

Haier says…

The adjustable spill-proof glass shelves let you easily organise the contents of the fridge, and their design resists the spread of any spillages. Of particular interest is the MyZone compartment. Think of this as your wildcard compartment, where variable temperature control allows you to freeze steaks one day and chill beers the next. Within the door, you’ll find ample room for all your condiments, snacks, and other products like eggs and butter. If you need to accelerate the rate of freezing, you can activate the fridge’s Super Freeze mode. This will help to preserve your food’s nutrients, appearance and taste.

The Best Bits

  • Conveniently located on the door exterior is the non-plumbed water dispenser. Enjoy easy access to cool water and easy filling of glasses.

  • Offering greater storage flexibility, the MyZone drawer lets you select between three temperature settings. From beverages to delicate seafood, you can provide the optimal environment for your food.
  • Put away items with ease after grocery shopping thanks to the easy-access freezer drawer design. Lock in the freshness and nutrients by activating the Super Freeze function, which rapidly brings down the temperature.
  • Settings can be adjusted quickly and easily using the external LED display control panel. From adjusting the temperature to activating specialised functions, controlling your fridge is fuss-free.

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