Westinghouse 624L Side by Side Fridge Silver

Snaffle says…

Looking for a large side-by-side fridge to store all your fresh and frozen goods? Look no further than this Westinghouse 624L Side by Side model in silver. Inverter technology helps your fridge hold a consistent temperature for energy efficiency, drop the freezer temperature fast so you can keep foods frozen after a big family shop using ‘Quick Freeze’ or activate ‘Quick Chill’ to cool groceries fast.

Westinghouse says…

Storing fruit and vegetables has never been so easy, thanks to the dual FreshSeal Crispers that offer a convenient storage solution for your fresh produce - allowing you to put fruit in one and vegetables in the other. Double your ice capacity with two twist and serve ice makers - one in the door and one on the shelf. Simply fill the tray, let it freeze and then twist into the ice caddy, so you will always have plenty of ice available for those summer drinks.

The Best Bits

  • Westinghouse's FreshSeal Crisper comes with manual humidity control so you have greater flexibility to choose the optimum environment to store your fruits and vegetables.

  • Even when spills happen, the SpillSafe shelves are designed to capture and contain liquids in just one shelf, instead of spreading throughout the whole fridge.
  • The nifty Quick Freeze feature rapidly brings down the temperature to freeze food quickly once they're put away. This can help to retain the freshness, taste, and nutrition of your food.
  • The All-Around Cooling technology keeps the temperature consistent throughout the fridge interior. Cool air is circulated through air-vents positioned on every shelf so regardless where your food is stored, this system ensures they are kept fresh.

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