Bosch HBA534BB0A Serie 4 60cm Electric Built-In Oven

Snaffle says…

Experience superior baking and roasting results with the sleek and stylish Bosch 60cm Serie 4 Built-In Oven. Its stainless steel finish and see-through dark oven panel bring a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Boasting a spacious 71L capacity and multiple shelf positions, this oven is perfect for preparing large meals for family gatherings or dinner parties. With Bosch's advanced features, you can elevate your cooking experience and achieve professional results effortlessly.

Bosch says…

This oven offers nine versatile heating methods, including the classic full-width grill and specialised functions like the Pizza setting for perfect homemade pizzas. Bosch’s 3D Hotair technology ensures even heat distribution, allowing you to cook multiple dishes on up to three levels simultaneously without the flavours mixing. The pop-out controls make cleaning the front of the oven easy, and the Cleaning Assistance option helps remove light soiling, keeping your oven spotless for the next use.

The Best Bits

  • 3D HotAir for even heat distribution: Bake or roast on up to three levels at once with Bosch's 3D HotAir feature. It ensures even heat distribution so your food cooks perfectly without mixing flavours, allowing you to bake dessert and roast dinner simultaneously.

  • Pop-out controls: Easily monitor and control your oven with the red LED display and convenient time functions. The control knobs pop out when you need them and retract for quick and easy cleaning of the oven front.

  • EcoClean Direct for effortless cleaning: The back wall of the oven has a special coating that breaks down grease as you cook, making cleaning much simpler. You won't have to scrub; just wipe away the residue.

  • Pizza setting: Make perfect pizzas with the 3D HotAir and powerful lower heat combination. Cook frozen pizza in about 20 minutes without preheating or defrosting. This setting also works great for other frozen foods like meatballs or vegetables for quick and easy meals.

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