Bosch Serie 8 60cm Built-in Pyrolytic Electric Oven

Snaffle says…

Elevate your culinary skills with the Bosch 60cm Serie 8 pyrolytic oven, featuring AutoPilot 10 programs that effortlessly tailor the cooking process to your dish, ensuring exceptional results every time. With Bosch’s innovative 4D HotAir technology, heat is evenly distributed across multiple levels, offering 13 heating methods including hot air grilling and slow cooking for endless culinary possibilities. Navigating through these options is a breeze with the TFT display control, adorned with touch symbols and a control ring for intuitive selection.

Bosch says…

Cleaning up after cooking has never been easier, thanks to the pyrolytic function that reduces grease and dirt to a fine ash, requiring only a swift wipe. The quadruple-glazed oven door not only enhances heat efficiency but also keeps the exterior cool to the touch during cooking, while the SoftMove feature ensures gentle and quiet door operation, adding a touch of tranquillity to your kitchen ambiance. Experience culinary excellence and effortless convenience with the Bosch Serie 8 pyrolytic oven, where every dish is a triumph.

The Best Bits

  • AutoPilot 10: Unlock culinary excellence with ease using these ten pre-set automatic programs. Simply select your desired program, input the weight of your dish, and let the oven do the rest, ensuring precise and impeccable results every time.

  • SoftMove Door: Experience a serene kitchen environment with Bosch’s SoftClose and SoftOpen mechanisms, gently opening and closing the oven door. Not only does this enhance safety, but it also contributes to a peaceful cooking atmosphere, making every culinary endeavour a delight.

  • 4D HotAir: Elevate your baking and roasting game with Bosch’s 4D HotAir technology, ensuring even heat distribution for superb results across multiple levels. Now you can cook large dishes simultaneously on up to four levels without worrying about flavour transfer, enhancing your culinary creativity and efficiency.

  • Pyrolytic Cleaning: Say goodbye to tedious oven cleaning sessions with the pyrolytic self-cleaning function. By heating the oven to extreme temperatures, grease and food residue are reduced to ash, leaving you with a pristine oven interior that requires minimal effort to wipe clean, freeing up more time for culinary adventures.

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