Bosch Series 8 Accentline Multifunction Oven with Microwave and Steam Black

Snaffle says…

Introducing the Bosch Series 8 Built-in Oven with Added Steam and Microwave Function, a revolutionary kitchen appliance that enhances your cooking journey. This sleek oven, measuring 60 cm and featuring a stylish Black design embodies modern kitchen elegance. With the Bosch TFT Touch Display Pro, equipped with an innovative Digital Control Ring and a full-surface TFT touchscreen, you'll enjoy precise control with just a touch.

Bosch says…

The PerfectBake Plus and PerfectRoast Plus features guarantee perfect baking and roasting results, aided by an integrated camera for personalized browning adjustments. But that's not all; this oven offers an Air Fry Function and tray for crispy treats like vegetables and chips. The Microwave Boost Function rapidly heats food, while the Bosch Added Steam Function ensures dishes are crispy outside and juicy inside. Plus, with Home Connect, manage your oven remotely from your smartphone.

The Best Bits

  • Multi-functionality: Enjoy versatile cooking options with features like Air Fry, Microwave Boost, and Added Steam Function, ensuring crispy results and efficient heating.

  • Innovative Control: Experience precise control with the TFT Touch Display Pro, Bosch Assist for automatic cooking, and Home Connect for remote management via the app.

  • Easy Maintenance: Simplify cleaning with the Pyrolytic Self-Cleaning feature, while safety features like the Electronic door lock and Child lock ensure peace of mind.

  • Enhanced Cooking Experience: Achieve perfect results every time with Individual Browning adjustments facilitated by the integrated camera and Soft Open Oven Door for convenient access.

  • Cooking Power: Benefit from 800 watts of Microwave Power with multiple settings for precise cooking, enhancing your culinary capabilities.

  • Additional Cooking Functions: Explore a variety of cooking techniques with extra functions like Hotair Grilling + Steam, Keep Warm + Steam, and Grill + Microwave for versatile meal preparation.

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