Westinghouse 90cm Induction Pyrolytic Freestanding Cooker with SteamBake Dark Stainless Steel

Snaffle says…

Introducing the Westinghouse 90cm electric freestanding oven, equipped with an innovative Induction cooktop and a versatile multi-function 10 pyrolytic oven. With features like EasyBake +Steam and AirFry, this oven enhances your everyday cooking experience with convenience and efficiency. Induction cooking is known for its remarkable safety and speed, heating up almost twice as fast as traditional methods while keeping surrounding surfaces cool to the touch. The smooth surface ensures effortless cleaning, making spills easy to manage.

Westinghouse says…

Experience the seamless integration of technology with Hob2Hood, as this oven effortlessly syncs with compatible rangehoods to eliminate cooking odours and steam automatically. PyroClean technology simplifies oven maintenance, offering a hassle-free cleaning solution with just the press of a button. Enjoy guilt-free indulgence with the AirFry feature, creating healthier meals for your family without compromising on taste. Proudly crafted in Australia, this oven embodies Westinghouse's commitment to quality and reliability, ensuring it becomes the heart of your kitchen for years to come.

The Best Bits

  • Twin Fan System for Even Cooking: Ensure every dish is cooked perfectly with our innovative Twin Fan System. The fans work in sync, spreading heat evenly throughout the oven, guaranteeing consistently delicious results every time you cook.

  • Designed for Ease and Safety: Our oven features telescopic runners, making it simple to access your dishes safely while they cook. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you can easily check on your food without any hassle or safety concerns.

  • A Hotter Wok Helps Bring Out the Flavour: Elevate your cooking with our powerful wok burner, designed to intensify the flavours of your dishes. With durable brass caps and even flame distribution, you can achieve high heat for delicious results every time you cook.

  • Boil to Simmer in an Instant: Experience precise cooking with our Dual Valve flame control, allowing you to effortlessly adjust heat levels from boiling to simmering in no time. Enjoy the flexibility to cook your favourite recipes exactly how you like them, without any fuss.

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