Bosch Serie 2 60cm Slideout Rangehood

Snaffle says…

Transform your kitchen into a culinary sanctuary with the Bosch Serie 2 60cm Slideout Rangehood. Crafted to elevate your cooking space, this rangehood is more than just a functional appliance; it's a statement of style and sophistication. With its seamless integration and sleek design, it adds a touch of modern elegance to your kitchen décor. With intuitive controls and built-in lighting, every aspect of your cooking experience is optimised for convenience and precision.

Bosch says…

This rangehood boasts powerful extraction capabilities that swiftly eliminate smoke, odours, and steam, ensuring a fresh and inviting atmosphere while you cook. Whether you're whipping up a quick weeknight meal or indulging in a gourmet culinary adventure, the Bosch Serie 2 60cm Slideout Rangehood promises to enhance your kitchen experience with its unparalleled performance and timeless design.

The Best Bits

  • Rangehood Style: Slide Out, needs to be built into a cupboard, saving valuable kitchen space while seamlessly integrating into your kitchen design.

  • Controls: Effortlessly adjust ventilation with the 3 x Speed Rocker Control, allowing for quick and easy customization of airflow to suit your cooking needs.

  • Lighting: Illuminate your culinary creations with precision using the 2 x 1.5Watt LED Lighting, ensuring optimal visibility and enhancing your cooking experience.

  • Ventilation Options: Choose between ducted and recirculation options, providing flexibility to suit your kitchen layout and ventilation needs, with compatibility for 150mm duct outlet dimensions.

  • Easy Maintenance: Simplify upkeep with dishwasher-safe 2 x Aluminium mesh filters, making clean up a breeze and ensuring long-lasting performance.

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