Panasonic Four-in-One Steam Combination Microwave Oven

Snaffle says…

Experience culinary versatility with the Panasonic Four-in-One Steam Combination Microwave Oven, a kitchen essential designed to streamline meal preparation while promoting healthier cooking options. This innovative appliance offers six combination cooking options and an impressive array of 28 automatic cooking programs, catering to a wide range of culinary preferences and dietary needs. Boasting powerful steam capabilities with 1100 watts of steam power and a spacious 600ml water tank, this microwave oven empowers you to create flavorful and nutritious meals with ease.

Panasonic says…

Equipped with a 1350-watt flat grill and 1000-watt microwave power, this multifunctional oven delivers consistent and efficient cooking results every time. Its unique grill tray facilitates healthier cooking by eliminating excess fat during the cooking process, ensuring your dishes are both juicy and crispy without the need for constant monitoring or flipping. Despite its ample cooking space, the Panasonic Four-in-One Steam Combination Microwave Oven features a sleek and compact design that seamlessly integrates into any kitchen environment. With its modern dial and user-friendly LCD panel, controlling and navigating through its various functions is effortless and intuitive, making meal preparation a breeze.

The Best Bits

  • Powerful steam cooking with 600mL water tank: This feature allows the microwave oven to harness the power of steam for cooking, providing a healthier and more flavorful cooking option. The sizable 600mL water tank ensures ample steam generation, enabling versatile cooking methods such as steaming vegetables, fish, or even cooking rice.

  • Oven temperatures of 30-220°C oven (top/bottom heater): This feature offers a wide temperature range for the oven function, allowing precise control over cooking temperatures. From gentle warming at 30°C to high-temperature baking at 220°C, users can easily customize cooking settings to achieve optimal results for various recipes. The inclusion of both top and bottom heaters ensures even heat distribution for consistent cooking performance.

  • Flat grill with 1350W of power and 1000W of microwave power: The flat grill feature, combined with a high power output of 1350W, provides efficient and uniform grilling results. Whether you're grilling meats, toasting sandwiches, or achieving that perfect golden crust on dishes, this feature delivers delicious results quickly and evenly. Additionally, the 1000W microwave power ensures fast and efficient cooking or reheating of food items when needed.

  • Six combination cooking options and 28 automatic cooking programs: With six combination cooking options and an extensive selection of 28 automatic cooking programs, this microwave oven offers unparalleled versatility and convenience. Users can effortlessly create a wide range of dishes with just the touch of a button, from simple reheating and defrosting to more elaborate cooking tasks. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned chef, these pre-set programs streamline the cooking process, saving time and effort in the kitchen.

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