Chef 54cm Freestanding Gas Oven/Stove

Snaffle says…

Upgrade your kitchen with the Chef freestanding natural gas cooker, designed to simplify meal preparation and enhance your cooking experience. With its spacious 80L oven capacity and versatile four-zone cooktop, cooking for your family or entertaining guests becomes a breeze. The separate grill expands your cooking options, allowing you to achieve perfect grilling results for all your favorite dishes.

Chef says…

Cleaning up after cooking is no longer a chore with the Chef 54cm Freestanding Gas Oven/Stove. Its removable glass door system, specially designed shelf supports, and acid-resistant enamel construction ensure effortless maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy delicious homemade meals with your loved ones. With intuitive control knobs for easy operation, this cooker makes cooking stress-free and enjoyable, providing convenience, precision, and exceptional performance in every culinary endeavour.

The Best Bits

  • Easy clean convenience: With its removable glass door system and acid-resistant enamel, cleaning is a breeze—no trapped grease, just quick wipe-downs.

  • Large 80L capacity: This spacious oven accommodates larger dishes and enables multi-shelf cooking, perfect for family gatherings and busy kitchens.

  • Enamel Finish: Not just stylish, the enamel finish ensures easy cleaning inside and out with a simple wipe-down, maintaining the cooker's pristine appearance effortlessly.

  • Handy separate grill: Expand your cooking options with the separate grill compartment, allowing you to grill and bake simultaneously, keeping flavours distinct for culinary creativity.

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