Samsung Galaxy S24 256GB - Amber Yellow

Snaffle says…

Embark on a transformative journey with the Galaxy S24, where the power of Galaxy AI infuses intelligence into features like Live Translate, Note Assist, and Photo Assist. Explore seamlessly with the Circle to Search feature, searching for outfits, celebrities, or landmarks effortlessly. Immerse yourself in the Pro Grade 50MP Camera, capturing and sharing cherished Night and Day moments with ease. Elevate your photography with Photo Assist editing, driven by Galaxy AI, ensuring every detail is perfected before sharing these memorable shots with friends. The Galaxy S24 is your gateway to a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology and creative expression.

Samsung says…

Immerse yourself in the brilliance of the Galaxy S24, boasting a vibrant 6.2" FHD+ Display for seamless streaming and crystal-clear video calls. The Always on Display ensures you stay connected without missing a notification. Confidence meets style with the seamless design and a palette of stylish colours, providing both quality and self-expression. Optimise your experience with the advanced cooling system and Exynos 2400 chip, ensuring smooth performance, while the epic 4000mAh Battery empowers you to stay connected for extended periods. Elevate your smartphone journey with the Galaxy S24, where form seamlessly meets function.

The Best Bits

  • Galaxy AI - Smart Assistance: Enter the future with Galaxy AI on the Galaxy S24, powering features like Live Translate, Photo Assist, and Note Assist for seamless and intelligent assistance.

  • Circle to Search - Effortless Exploration: Revolutionise searching with Circle to Search on the Galaxy S24 Series. Just circle an object in any image for instant access to related content, making exploration effortless.
  • Live Translate, Powered by Galaxy AI - Clear Communication: Break language barriers with Live Translate on the Galaxy S24 Series, where Galaxy AI translates foreign languages into your preferred one for smooth and clear conversations.
  • Note Assist, Powered by Galaxy AI - Efficient Productivity: Maximise efficiency with Galaxy AI-powered Note Assist on the Galaxy S24 Series, organising notes and lists effortlessly for seamless sharing and streamlined communication.
  • Photo Assist, Powered by Galaxy AI - Enhanced Photography: Elevate your photography with Photo Assist on the Galaxy S24 Series, where Galaxy AI enhances every photo with advanced edits, ensuring your images stand out effortlessly.
  • Epic 50MP Pro Grade Camera - Detailed Capture: Capture extraordinary moments with the Galaxy S24's Epic 50MP Pro Grade Camera and 5x Optical Zoom, delivering high-resolution images even in low light with Nightography zoom.
  • Bright 6.2" FHD+ Display - Immersive Visuals: Experience visual brilliance on the Galaxy S24's 6.2" FHD+ Display, perfect for streaming and video calls even in bright light, offering an immersive and clear visual experience.
  • Long-lasting Battery - All-Day Power: Stay charged throughout the day with the Galaxy S24's epic 4000mAh Battery, ensuring sustained power for work and play from sunrise to sunset.
  • Simple, Yet Striking - Stylish Design: The Galaxy S24 combines simplicity and style with a sleek finish and stylish colours, making a bold statement of elegance.
  • Advanced Performance - Unmatched Power: Unleash unstoppable fun with the Galaxy S24's Exynos 2400 chip and enhanced cooling system, offering optimised performance for gaming and beyond, taking mobile power to the next level.

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