Automatic Coffee Machine

Snaffle says…

If you’re looking for an automatic coffee machine that doesn’t overwhelm you with a wealth of features you’ll never use, look no further than this convenient bean-to-cup solution from Beko.

With an adjustable nozzle height, you can comfortably accommodate cups of all sizes. Whether you want a latte in a tall glass or a single shot of espresso, you can make it happen with no fuss. Satisfy preferences across all palates with options for strong or mild espresso, and use the milk frother to hone your latte art. You can also influence the flavour of your cup by adjusting the coarseness of your grind; there are five coarseness settings to play with. Catch spills with the removable drip tray, and ensure maximum stability thanks to the anti-slip feet.

Beko says…

Stop your caffeine cravings in their tracks with this automatic coffee machine from Beko.

The Best Bits

  • Whether it’s a small glass for espresso, a bulky mug for cappuccino, or a tall latte glass, this machine is up to the task thanks to an adjustable nozzle height. Use the small, medium, and large cup settings to get the most convenient brew for you.

  • The coarseness of your grind can have a major impact on the taste of your final beverage. With five coarseness settings on this machine, you can unlock all the subtleties from different roasts.
  • We get it. You bought a fully automatic coffee machine because the barista life is not for you. But a bit of work experience never hurt anyone. The manual milk frother will allow you to achieve the perfect microfoam, and you can submerge the wand for longer to get a hotter coffee.
  • Make your coffee with the confidence your machine won’t budge. The anti-slip feet will ensure stability when your machine is grinding, tamping, and steaming.

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