Oracle Touch Coffee Machine

Snaffle says…

Two of Breville’s most beloved coffee machines, the Oracle and the Barista Touch, combine their smartest features to bring you the Oracle Touch. If you’re after a speedy transition from bean to cup, this machine automates every stage of the coffee-making process.

The intuitive touch screen allows you to select from pre-programmed beverages like a cappuccino or a latte, while also giving you the ability to create and save up to eight personalised coffees. The machine will grind, dose, and tamp your coffee into the portafilter, and its automatic steam wand will heat and texture your milk to give you a fine microfoam. Because the machine contains dual boilers, you can steam milk before your shot finishes extracting.

Breville says…

Full automation does not diminish your coffee experience. The sounds of grinding, dripping, and hissing are still there. If anything, the Oracle Touch will enhance your coffee experience with its high-volume output and precise temperature control.

The Best Bits

  • The beverage menu contains everything from an Americano to a cappuccino. Within each beverage, you can adjust the strength, milk texture, and temperature. If you find a combination of variables that makes a lasting impression on your palate, you can give it a name and save it to the machine's interface. You can save up to eight different coffee beverages.

  • Don’t sit around twiddling your thumbs while your espresso extracts. This machine’s dual boiler technology will allow you to steam milk at the same time. This is handy for when you have friends over and everyone puts their hand up for a coffee. The espresso boiler delivers a consistent temperature for optimum flavour, while the steam boiler uses instant, powerful steam to produce a velvety microfoam.
  • Packing your coffee grounds into the portafilter is arguably the messiest part of preparing espresso. This machine’s fully-integrated conical burr grinder will automatically grind, dose, and tamp 22 grams of coffee. All you have to do is choose the grind setting that works for you.
  • Using a manual steam wand is synonymous with hot hands. This machine is kind to your palms while giving you the microfoam you need to impress your friends with latte art. You can adjust the milk temperature and texture using the touch screen menu. The wand automatically purges itself of milk residue when returned to the downward position.

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