Chef 90cm Electric Cooktop

Snaffle says…

Discover the effortless convenience and elegant design of the Chef 90cm Electric Cooktop, ideal for enhancing your kitchen experience. Boasting a spacious layout, it offers ample room to monitor multiple dishes simultaneously, ensuring culinary mastery with every meal. The sleek white finish not only blends seamlessly with any kitchen décor but also promises durability and easy maintenance, harmonising effortlessly with your existing appliances.

Chef says…

Equipped with a side control panel featuring ergonomic knobs, this cooktop ensures intuitive operation and precise control over each cooking zone. Experience rapid heating with the powerful 2.0kW zone, perfect for boiling or searing, while the robust solid hotplates provide stable support for all your cookware. Whether you're simmering sauces or stir-frying vegetables, the four versatile zones cater to diverse cooking needs, making meal preparation a breeze. Elevate your kitchen's functionality with this user-friendly Chef cooktop, designed to simplify your cooking journey and deliver exceptional performance day after day.

The Best Bits

  • Corrosion-resistant hotplates: Enjoy durable performance with solid hotplates that resist corrosion, ensuring reliable heating over time without compromising quality.

  • Side cooktop controls: Stay in command with user-friendly knobs conveniently located on the side. This design prevents reaching over hot cookware, enhancing safety and ease of use.

  • Easy-clean white enamel finish: Maintain a pristine kitchen effortlessly with the smooth, wipeable surface of the white enamel finish. It keeps your cooktop looking immaculate after every cooking session.

  • Hotplate indicator: Stay informed with a heat indicator near the controls, alerting you to active cooking zones for added safety and peace of mind during meal preparation.

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