635L Samsung Side by Side Refrigerator

Snaffle says…

Give your home a style update. Designed to fit under standard Australian kitchen bulkheads it helps create a harmonious look for clean styling and an integrated, modern look. The matte finish with flat doors and recessed handles adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. Controls that are not frequently used are relocated to the inside of the fridge to give a seamless look.

Samsung says…

All-around Cooling technology helps maintain freshness in your food, irrespective of which shelf it is stored on. Multiple air-vents placed on every shelf circulate cool air evenly inside the fridge and the freezer to reduce temperature fluctuations inside and help keep your food fresher for longer.

The Best Bits

  • You can fill the built-in 4.5L water tank and you can enjoy a glass of refreshing cold water or ice to add to your drinks. No need to open the door because the dispenser is conveniently located on the fridge door.

  • The Power Cool and Power Freeze functions lets you cool down or freeze your food quickly.
  • The SpaceMax design of the fridge interior maximises space to give you more storage room to store your food and drinks.

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