Fisher & Paykel 569L French Door Fridge

Snaffle says…

Experience the expansive 569L French door refrigerator from Fisher & Paykel, a blend of generous storage and elegant stainless steel aesthetics perfect for modern homes. The sleek stainless steel finish and ergonomic handles not only enhance the kitchen's visual appeal but also ensure durability and ease of use. Powered by Fisher & Paykel’s ActiveSmart Foodcare technology, this fridge intelligently monitors and adjusts its internal environment to maintain optimal conditions for your groceries, preserving their freshness and nutritional value.

Fisher & Paykel says…

Designed with efficiency in mind, this refrigerator minimises energy consumption by precisely cooling and defrosting as needed, aligning with your lifestyle and reducing utility costs. The spacious bottom freezer features a full extension drawer for effortless organization and access to frozen items, enhancing convenience in your daily routine. Whether upgrading your kitchen or seeking reliable food preservation, this French door fridge combines sophisticated design with advanced functionality to elevate your culinary experience.

The Best Bits

  • ActiveSmart Foodcare: Experience intelligent monitoring of temperature, airflow, and humidity with Fisher & Paykel's ActiveSmart technology. This feature adjusts settings dynamically to suit your lifestyle, promoting energy efficiency while ensuring your food stays fresher for longer.

  • SpillSafe shelves: Enjoy peace of mind with SpillSafe shelving that contains liquid spills to one shelf, preventing accidents from spreading and simplifying clean up, keeping your fridge organized and hygienic.

  • Humidity control: Optimise freshness with humidity control slides in each storage bin, creating ideal microclimates for fruits and vegetables. This innovation extends the lifespan of your produce, preserving their flavour and nutrients.

  • Clever energy management: Adapted for efficiency, this refrigerator cools and defrosts only as necessary, conserving energy without compromising food preservation. It aligns with your daily routine, reducing utility costs while maintaining peak performance in food care.

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