Artusi 100L Outdoor Beverage Centre

Snaffle says…

This single-door outdoor bar refrigerator from Artusi is designed for the modern entertaining household. Ideal for keeping you and all your guests refreshed, this refrigerator offers a 108L interior net capacity and unique cooling solutions. Capable of a temperature range between -5–10°C, you can also use features like super cool mode to get your drinks cold rapidly. Fridge only – if you would like to enquire about complete set up in image 3, please contact us

Artusi says…

Activating party mode is ideal for periods during which the door will be frequently opened and closed, counteracting the cold air loss. Three shelves offer interchangeable heights, so you can organise the interior to suit your needs. LED lighting beautifully illuminates the contents of the fridge, and the black finish with a triple glazed black door looks super stylish in any environment.

The Best Bits

  • Offering a 108L net capacity, the fridge is capable of holding up to 66 330mL bottles, or up to 108 375mL cans. Great for entertaining, keep all your guests happily refreshed with beverages chilled between -5–10°C depending on your settings.

  • Party mode is great for when the fridge door is going to be frequently opened and closed, such as during a party. It counteracts the cold air loss and maintains the internal temperature. Super Cool mode speeds up the cooling process for when you need your drinks cold rapidly.
  • Designed with style in addition to function, this sleek fridge complements any household. The black finish and black glass door with stainless steel door frame makes a clever fashion statement.

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