Rhino 129L Outdoor Beverage Centre Left Hand Door

Snaffle says…

Engineered to cool your beverages faster for scorching Australian summer days, this outdoor beverage centre is the ideal choice for those who want to make more room for their main refrigerators and chill their drinks in a separate fridge. With a capacity of 129 litres which can hold 140 standard cans, you are sure to have plenty of beverages for your household or small gatherings. This unit combines energy efficiency with high performance.

Rhino says…

This beverage centre delivers fast chill down times while the compressor, fans, and lighting consumes less energy. This model is front venting making it convenient to install in your alfresco area. This unit can fit under most benches with an external height of 840mm. It has a left hinge door swing.

The Best Bits

  • This outdoor fridge can fit up to 140 standard 375ml cans giving you plenty of room to store all your favourite soft drinks and beers. With an external height of 840mm, it fits under most benches.

  • This beverage centre uses energy-saving compressor and fans so it runs using less power, giving you high performance with lower energy consumption. It also uses LED lighting which uses less energy than conventional refrigeration lighting.
  • With a fast pull-down time for high ambient temperatures of 40+ degrees Celsius, this beverage centres chills down your drinks rapidly even during extremely hot summer days.
  • This outdoor beverage centre is front-venting so it is suitable for installation under counters or within an outdoor bar or alfresco area cabinetry. This helps your unit blend seamlessly within your outdoor area.

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