Bosch Series 4 French Door Bottom Freezer MultiDoor Fridge

Snaffle says…

The Series 4 French Door Bottom Freezer MultiDoor Fridge from Bosch comes with many features including VitaFresh Box which cools very efficiently to keep your fruit and vegetables fresher for longer. Super Cool can be activated before you go shopping to lower the temperature in preparation for your fresh shopping, it automatically reverts back after approximately six hours to prevent unnecessary power consumption. There is also an Energy Saving mode with temperature set at 8° for the refrigerator compartment and -16° for the freezer compartment.

Bosch says…

The NoFrost feature ensures you will never have to defrost your fridge/freezer again. Circulation of dry cold air evenly throughout the interior of the fridge-freezer prevents ice from forming and as a result, no ice builds up on the back wall of the fridge or the drawers of the freezer. The drawers of the freezer are always easy to open and close without a layer of ice. With just a few more cm width compared to a standard model, the volume is greatly increased making it easy to fit whole baking trays, big watermelons and other large items into the fridge and freezer compartments. The BigBox is an extra-deep frozen food drawer for practical stacking of frozen foods containers or large frozen items like cakes or pizzas.

The Best Bits

  • For maximum convenience there is even circulation of dry cold air throughout the interior of the fridge-freezer which prevents ice from forming, so manual defrost is not needed.

  • The extra few cm width makes a big difference to the interior space - so you can easily fit large items like watermelons and baking trays thanks to the extra volume.
  • LED lights bring a completely new lighting concept, even guaranteeing glare-free interior illumination. LED lights use less electricity than conventional fridge bulbs and last for the entire life of the appliance.
  • An extra-deep frozen food drawer for large frozen items like gateaux or pizzas. No matter whether you have to cater for a child’s birthday or freeze a wedding cake – in the BigBox you will find enough space with the convenience and ease of a drawer.

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