Bosch 90cm Series 2 Stainless Steel Canopy Rangehood

Snaffle says…

Discover the perfect blend of durability and elegance with the 90cm Serie 2 Canopy Rangehood by Bosch, designed to elevate your kitchen's functionality and style. Engineered for efficiency, it boasts an impressive extraction rate of 600m³/h, swiftly clearing smoke, odours, and cooking fumes from your countertop to maintain a pristine kitchen atmosphere. Enjoy quiet operation and precise control with three adjustable speed settings, ensuring optimal ventilation tailored to your culinary activities.

Bosch says…

Illuminate your culinary creations with the integrated LED lighting, casting a bright and clear glow over your cooking area for enhanced visibility. The rangehood's metal grease filters offer hassle-free maintenance, easily cleaned with soapy water or conveniently placed in the dishwasher. Whether you're preparing a casual weekday meal or hosting a weekend gathering, the Bosch Serie 2 Canopy Rangehood ensures both practicality and aesthetic appeal, making it a standout addition to any modern kitchen.

The Best Bits

  • Well-lit cooking area: Brighten up your cooking adventures with 2 x 1.5W LED lights that ensure every dish gets the spotlight it deserves, making your kitchen a welcoming place to create culinary delights.

  • Easy cleaning: Say goodbye to grease and grime worries with dishwasher-safe metal grease filters and a sleek stainless steel hood that wipes clean effortlessly, keeping your kitchen looking pristine with minimal effort.

  • Quiet, efficient operation: Enjoy a peaceful cooking atmosphere with a powerful twin-channel fan motor that works silently in the background. Adjust between 3 power settings at the touch of a button to cater perfectly to your cooking needs.

  • Versatile usage: Whether you prefer ducted or recirculated air, this rangehood offers flexibility to suit your kitchen layout. Plus, a smart one-way flap prevents unwanted outside air from sneaking in when your rangehood is idle, ensuring your kitchen stays fresh and inviting.

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