Haier 10kg Top Load Washing Machine Black

Snaffle says…

The Haier 10kg Top Load Washing Machine in black offers a comprehensive laundry solution, boasting an array of functions for outstanding cleaning performance. With over twelve wash cycles, including specialised options like Wool and Eco, customers can tailor their wash to suit various fabric types, all accessible via the SmartHQ app for added convenience. The UV Protect wash cycle further ensures a hygienic wash by eliminating bacteria, providing peace of mind for families.

Haier says…

Powered by Direct Motion direct drive motor technology, this washing machine operates quietly and reliably, while its gentle pulsating wash action, pillow drum, and intelligent wash algorithm guarantee effective cleaning without tangling clothes. Additionally, the innovative spray nozzle design and bionic filter work together to capture lint and prevent its reentry into the wash, ensuring consistently pristine results with every load.

The Best Bits

  • Specialised wash cycles: Care for different fabric types with over 12 dedicated wash cycles, including Wool, Delicate, and Hygiene. Wi-Fi connectivity allows downloading targeted fabric care wash cycles, ensuring optimal cleaning for various laundry needs.

  • Gentle wash action: Featuring a gentle pulsating wash action, pillow drum, and intelligent wash algorithm, this top loader effectively cleans while minimizing tangling, preserving clothing longevity and ensuring thorough cleaning.

  • UV Sanitise fabric care: Utilize UV sanitise to kill bacteria with UV light, enhanced by pairing with the Hygiene wash cycle for maximum germ elimination. Additionally, the Drum Clean cycle maintains washing machine hygiene for peace of mind.

  • Attention to detail: The spray nozzle design ensures an effective rinse with minimal water usage, while a bionic filter captures lint to prevent its re-entry into the wash, guaranteeing consistently clean results with each load.

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