CHiQ 503L Four Door Fridge Silver

Snaffle says…

Introducing the CHiQ 503 litre Four Door Fridge in sleek silver, your savvy solution for everyday family life. Designed to meet your daily needs with intelligence and efficiency, this fridge is equipped with an advanced inverter system. Not only does it ensure energy efficiency, but it also operates quietly, providing a serene environment in your kitchen while extending the freshness of your food. Say goodbye to the constant hum of traditional fridges and hello to a more peaceful and sustainable way of cooling.

CHiQ says…

Say goodbye to tedious defrosting with frost-free technology, while the multi airflow system maintains consistent cooling, keeping your food items fresh and delicious. Plus, the LECO system actively combats odours and harmful microorganisms, fostering a healthy fridge environment. And with the customizable temperature settings of the Care+ Crisper, you can keep your produce just the way you like it. Elevate your kitchen with the flat door design and convenient recessed handle, adding both elegance and ease to your daily routine.

The Best Bits

  • Versatile Storage: Tailor your fridge effortlessly with adjustable shelves, ensuring every item finds its place, minimizing food waste and maximizing convenience.

  • Convenient Four-Door Design: Enjoy culinary simplicity with the innovative four-door layout, where fresh and frozen delights are easily accessible, enhancing both cooking adventures and daily routines.

  • Effortless Temperature Control: Command freshness with electronic temperature controls, ensuring your produce stays crisp, beverages icy, and frozen treats perfectly preserved with precision and ease.

  • Frost-Free Operation: Say goodbye to defrosting rituals with a fridge that tirelessly maintains pristine conditions, freeing up time for culinary creativity and family moments.

  • Stylish French Door: Elevate your kitchen with the luxurious convenience of a French door fridge, seamlessly merging form with function for easy access to fresh delights.

  • Efficient Cooling Technology: Experience energy efficiency and freshness assurance with smart cooling technology, reducing energy bills while extending food freshness for sustainable living without compromise.

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