Westinghouse 431L Top Mount Frost Free Fridge

Snaffle says…

Discover the Westinghouse WTB4600WC-R Top Mount Fridge, an essential addition to any kitchen seeking both functionality and style. Its sleek white finish, flat door design, and discreet pocket handles not only enhance your kitchen's aesthetic but also offer practicality. Inside, advanced features like a temperature sensor, multi-flow air delivery, and a quick chill function work together to maintain optimal storage conditions for your groceries. The FlexStor system and adjustable shelves provide customisable organisation, while the lockable FamilySafe compartment ensures secure storage for sensitive items such as medications.

Westinghouse says…

Best suited for small to medium-sized households, this thoughtfully designed Westinghouse fridge makes it easy to organise your food and drinks. For freshness preservation, the FreshSeal crisper keeps fruits and vegetables crisp, complemented by SpillSafe shelves that simplify cleaning and prevent spills from spreading. Whether you're stocking up for the week or simply keeping essentials at hand, this fridge offers reliability and efficiency, making kitchen organisation effortless and ensuring your food stays fresh longer.

The Best Bits

  • FlexStor system: Adjust your fridge storage effortlessly with flexible door bins that adapt to your changing needs, ensuring everything from tall bottles to smaller items finds its place without hassle.

  • Easy-to-clean Spillsafe shelves: Don't stress over spills anymore. These shelves contain spills to one shelf, making clean up a breeze and keeping the rest of your fridge tidy and organized.

  • Handy Twist Ice: Enjoy quick and easy access to ice with a simple twist. The included ice bin ensures you always have extra ice on hand, perfect for parties or everyday refreshments.

  • FamilySafe lockable compartment: Keep sensitive items like medications or treats safely locked away. This compartment provides peace of mind by ensuring easy access only when needed, keeping contents secure and organized.

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