Westinghouse 312L Top Mount Fridge Silver

Snaffle says…

Step into sophistication with the Westinghouse 312L Top Mount Fridge in Silver, a stunning addition to any kitchen. Its sleek design not only adds an elegant touch but also redefines convenience with a host of innovative features. Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh and flavorful with the sealed crisper, preserving their natural goodness for longer periods. Indulge in luxury with the Twist Ice & Serve Dispenser, offering instant access to refreshing ice cubes, elevating your daily routine effortlessly.

Westinghouse says…

Bid farewell to uneven cooling thanks to the multi-flow air delivery system, which ensures consistent temperatures throughout the fridge, preserving the freshness of every item. Experience flexibility in organization and ease of maintenance with adjustable easy-clean glass shelves, making grocery organization a breeze. The Westinghouse 312L Top Mount Fridge in Silver harmonizes style and innovation, keeping your food fresh and your kitchen refined, offering a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.

The Best Bits

  • FreshSeal Crispers: Preserve the freshness of your fruits and vegetables with our innovative FreshSeal Crispers. Specially designed seals prevent moisture loss, ensuring your produce stays crisp and flavorful for longer periods. Care for your food the right way with FreshSeal Crispers, maintaining optimal freshness with every use.

  • Twist Ice and Serve Dispenser: Elevate your beverage experience with the convenient Twist Ice and Serve Dispenser. Whether it's a refreshing juice in the afternoon or a sophisticated whisky on the rocks, simply twist and serve ice effortlessly. With easy access and a dedicated ice tray, serving chilled beverages has never been simpler, adding a touch of convenience to your daily routine.

  • Multi-Flow Air Delivery System: Experience the difference with our Westinghouse Multi-Flow Air Delivery System, ensuring that every ingredient in your fridge stays fresher for longer. Enjoy tastier meals with stable temperatures, as our system keeps the environment consistently cool, preserving the quality and flavour of your food items. Fresher food means happier taste buds, making every meal a delight.

  • LED Lighting: Illuminate your fridge and your life with Westinghouse LED lighting. Spend less time searching for items and more time savouring your fresh food, thanks to the bright and efficient LED lights. With enhanced visibility, you'll find what you're looking for in an instant, making meal prep and organization a breeze. Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark and hello to a brighter, more efficient kitchen experience.

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