Bosch 90cm Series 6 Stainless Steel Canopy Rangehood

Snaffle says…

Discover the perfect blend of durability and elegance with the 90cm Serie 6 Canopy Rangehood from Bosch, designed to elevate your kitchen's functionality and aesthetics. With an impressive extraction rate of 697m³/h, this rangehood efficiently eliminates smoke, odours, and cooking fumes, ensuring a fresh and clean kitchen environment. Tailor your ventilation needs with three speed settings and an intensive mode, providing powerful extraction when required.

Bosch says…

Illuminate your culinary workspace with LED lighting that enhances visibility and ambiance while you cook. Maintenance is a breeze with dishwasher-safe metal grease filters that can be easily cleaned with soapy water or in the dishwasher. Bosch stands behind the reliability of this rangehood with a reassuring two-year warranty, offering peace of mind and quality assurance. Whether you're preparing daily meals or hosting gatherings, the Bosch Serie 6 Canopy Rangehood combines functionality with stylish design, making it an essential addition to your modern kitchen.

The Best Bits

  • Well-lit cooking area: Ensure your cooking space is well-illuminated with energy-efficient LED lights, providing clear visibility and creating a pleasant ambiance while you cook.

  • Easy cleaning: Keep your rangehood effortlessly clean with dishwasher-safe metal grease filters and a stainless steel hood that wipes clean with ease, ensuring your kitchen stays spotless with minimal effort.

  • Quiet, powerful extraction: Enjoy cooking in a peaceful environment with a powerful motor that efficiently removes up to 697 cubic meters of air per hour, maintaining a comfortable atmosphere without excessive noise.

  • Versatile ventilation: Adapt to your kitchen's layout and preferences with options for ducted or recirculated air operation, effectively eliminating steam, grease, and odours to keep your kitchen fresh and inviting.

  • Functional and stylish: Enhance both the functionality and look of your kitchen with a sleek box design and stainless steel finish, featuring user-friendly electronic controls and practical features like a one-way flap to prevent outside air from entering.

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