Whirlpool 594L Four Door Fridge Black

Snaffle says…

Discover the ultimate in food storage convenience with the Whirlpool 594-litre Four-Door Fridge in sleek black, powered by advanced '6th Sense Intelligence'. Smart sensors and intuitive functions create an environment tailored precisely to your food storage needs, ensuring optimal freshness and longevity for your groceries.

Whirlpool says…

Experience unparalleled customization with the intelligent Flexi-Freezer, offering three temperature options to accommodate a diverse range of perishable goods. Embrace the tranquillity of 'Zen Inverter Technology', dynamically adjusting compressor operation for efficient cooling and energy savings while maintaining whisper-quiet operation. Meanwhile, the intuitive '6th Sense FreshLock' feature detects temperature variations, naturally preserving the freshness of your food. In the freezer, the '6th Sense FreezeLock' minimizes fluctuations, reducing freezer burns and upholding the quality of your frozen goods, ensuring every bite is as fresh as the day you bought it.

The Best Bits

  • 6th Sense Intelligence: Equipped with a set of smart sensors and intuitive functionalities, this refrigerator creates the optimal environment for food preservation. Utilizing advanced 6th Sense Technology, it adapts to your personal needs, ensuring that your food is always kept under the best preservation conditions.

  • Intelligent Flexi-Freezer: The freezer compartment offers three temperature options to cater to various storage needs. Choose from Soft Freeze (-7°C) for short-term storage, Mild Freeze (-12°C) ideal for ice cream and desserts, and Deep Freeze (-18°C) for long-term preservation of food, maintaining its nutritional value for up to 12 months.

  • Zen Inverter Technology: With Zen Inverter Technology, the refrigerator adjusts compressor operation efficiently, achieving rapid cooling while conserving energy. Its silent operation ensures a peaceful environment, eliminating the noise typically associated with traditional refrigerators.

  • 6th Sense FreshLock: The intuitive 6th Sense FreshLock feature automatically detects temperature variations and restores the optimal environment to preserve fresh food for extended periods, maintaining its natural freshness.

  • 6th Sense FreezeLock: Within the freezer compartment, the 6th Sense FreezeLock feature minimizes freezer burns and preserves food quality, ensuring that your frozen items remain in top condition for longer durations.

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